How Long Does BOTOX Last? Plus, More BOTOX Basics…

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It’s no surprise that BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the most highly requested nonsurgical treatments for facial rejuvenation—and it’s also one of our most asked-about procedures. Many patients are intrigued by the idea of turning back the clock without surgery, but they also have many questions like, will I still look natural? And, how long does BOTOX last?

Whether you’re a Hagopian Plastic Surgery newbie or a BOTOX veteran, we’re always available to address questions and concerns about your procedure. Let’s dive into some of the most commonly asked questions about BOTOX so you can book your first (or next) treatment with confidence.

Before & After BOTOX® Cosmetic Case 68 Front View in Atlanta, GA
Before & After BOTOX® Cosmetic
Before & After BOTOX® Cosmetic Case 68 relaxed View in Atlanta, GA
Before & After BOTOX® Cosmetic

How Long Does BOTOX Take to Work?

BOTOX results typically appear within a few days, but it can take up to 2 weeks before seeing the full results. It takes some time for the active ingredients in your injections to bind to nerve cell receptors. Once BOTOX blocks the nerve signals, the muscles temporarily relax, leading to smoother, younger-looking skin. Your results may take longer based on the treated area—fine lines may diminish faster than deep creases. However, keep in mind that every patient is unique, and how long for BOTOX to work varies from patient to patient. On average, your BOTOX results should last about 3 to 4 months.

How Many Units of BOTOX Do I Need?

We balance science with artistry to determine the number of BOTOX units that will help you look naturally younger without looking frozen or unnatural. We consider factors such as the depth and severity of your lines and wrinkles and the size of the treated area. Our highly experienced BOTOX injectors always thoroughly assess your needs and administer the precise dosage for safe, optimal results.

What Should I Avoid After BOTOX?

One of the most significant benefits of BOTOX is that it requires minimal downtime—it’s often referred to as a lunchtime procedure because you’re in and out of our office and back to your routine in no time! However, there are a few key things to avoid for at least 24 hours after BOTOX to help prevent the potential spread of botulinum toxins to unintended areas.

We recommend that you refrain from lying flat on your face or rubbing your face until the BOTOX has a chance to settle. You should avoid intense cardio and strenuous workouts to prevent BOTOX from migrating to unintended facial areas. Also, avoid heat and sun exposure immediately after BOTOX to protect your skin and allow the injections to settle.

Can You Get BOTOX While Breastfeeding?

BOTOX is generally not recommended for women who are nursing as studies are limited about whether its effects can be harmful to expectant mothers and babies.  Until there is more robust research in this area, we suggest avoiding BOTOX during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Begin Your BOTOX Journey

Now that we’ve answered some of the most common questions about BOTOX injections, we hope you feel empowered to begin your journey toward looking younger and feeling your best. We encourage you to reach out to our team online to request a consultation or call us at (404) 885-8542 to get started.

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