Meet Our Staff


Evan Pope, a dynamic Patient Care Coordinator at Hagopian Plastic Surgery, was born in Ohio but found her roots in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Armed with a background in sales and marketing, Evan is not only a licensed esthetician but also a powerhouse of skills that she seamlessly channels into her current role. As a woman deeply entrenched in the beauty industry, Evan is on a mission to infuse her passion into her work, ensuring every individual she interacts with feels like their best self. Beyond the professional realm, Evan thrives in an active lifestyle, hitting the gym, exploring scenic trails, and embarking on culinary adventures to discover the latest restaurant gems. TLC holds a special place in her heart, offering a touch of leisure in the midst of her bustling schedule. 


Lyndsey is an accomplished Medical Receptionist with a distinguished career spanning over six years in customer service, showcasing three years of expertise in medical office administration and an additional three years as a flight attendant. A native of McDonough, GA, Lyndsey’s professional journey underscores her commitment to delivering exceptional service. In her medical roles, she has demonstrated adeptness in navigating the complexities of healthcare administration, while her tenure as a flight attendant has equipped her with invaluable communication and interpersonal skills in dynamic environments.  

Beyond her professional achievements, Lyndsey, a former collegiate softball player at Georgia Perimeter College and Lindsey Wilson College, channels her passion for an active lifestyle. She is an avid hiker and relishes visits to the dog park with her two canine companions, Zeke and Ollie. In addition to her physical pursuits, Lyndsey nurtures a love for romance, enjoying both shows and literature in the genre. With a well-rounded background and a genuine dedication to her work and personal pursuits, Lyndsey emerges as a dynamic and compassionate professional. 


Heather grew up in South Florida and graduated from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Communications Department, where she majored in Graphic Design and Film Editing. Subsequently, she earned her degree in Zoo Animal Technology from SFCC in Gainesville, FL, with the aspiration of becoming a zookeeper. Following the 2008 economic crash, Heather transitioned from the zoo field to dog grooming, dedicating more than 10 years to caring for people’s four-legged family members.

During this period, she married the love of her life and welcomed a beautiful daughter, whose occasional presence can be heard in the background during phone conversations. Eventually, Heather and her family moved to Texas to fulfill her dreams of homesteading on their own ranch.

 Heather was excited to learn that Dr. Hagopian was venturing out to build his own practice. She eagerly seized the opportunity to assist him in getting started and looks forward to growing with him and the practice for as long as possible, serving as a Care Coordinator and Social Media Manager.